About Us


The Prd2bme foundation started as grassroots activities developed by the late April A. Carter.  As an educator, Ms Carter developed programs geared to building confidence, pride and courage in students from middle school age to young adults.  The Foundation continues the work started by April Carter based on the belief that many youth in the DC Metropolitan Area lack meaningful guidance in developing effective life skills, navigating career challenges, and making good choices in charting a path to success.  

Prd2bme Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non profit organization, partners with schools, community organizations along with businesses to provide leadership programs, workforce development, mentors,  and coaches to assist students to reach academic and career goals.  Prd2Bme works with students to increase their skills in leadership, cultural awareness, arts, career awareness, staying in school and succeeding in college. 

What we do

Networking with the Community we Serve

Prd2Bme works with other non profit organizations and volunteers to build programs and expand our reach to students who need our services. Themes for our partners include; Coaching, social and academic skills building, fostering confidence, and increasing graduation rates. 

Mentoring, value building and life skill training programs are offered to encourage students to achieve goals.  Students are linked with professional mentors from the community; including business, health care, education and computer technology.